Weekend Update 2018.03.09
Sent Date: 03/10/18

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Daylight Savings Time

Don't forget to turn your clocks one hour ahead before you go to bed tonight (Saturday 3/10).


New Law on Parties and Party Houses

The City Council approved a Party House Ordinance by a vote of 15-0. This ordinance, which was first proposed in June 2016, creates the strongest enforcement yet on loud and unruly gatherings, and is the first time the City of LA has an ordinance on Party Houses. It allows for escalating fines on party hosts and homeowners to ensure that hosts who throw unruly parties in multiple homes are increasingly cited for multiple offenses, and that property owners remain responsible for renting out their homes to party house operators. The fines are: $100 for the first violation; $500 for the second violation; $1,000 for the third violation; $2,000 for the fourth violation; $4,000 for the fifth violation; and $8,000 for the sixth and subsequent violation. The City Attorney's office will be tracking the success of the ordinance. Finally, for the first time, LAPD and the City Attorney's office will have the tools to truly enforce against party houses, and peace and quality of life can be upheld in our neighborhoods. Read the ordinance here. 


BHA Annual Meeting

Many don't worry about crime until after they fall victim. As one of the largest and oldest homeowner associations in California, we have a history of providing our members with important information to make their home ownership in Brentwood better and safer. This year, in addition to bonding with neighbors over a light dinner, and finding out about important neighborhood news, essential information on crime and safety will be dispensed by LAPD Chief Dennis Kato and Captain Val Thomas. Come experience it all on March 22. Seats are limited so please RSVP here today.