San Vicente Sunday
Sent Date: 03/17/18

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San Vicente Closed Sunday

The LA Marathon on March 18 will once again travel through Brentwood along San Vicente and shutdown the street to traffic from early morning hours until about 2:00pm. Sometimes the route can clear earlier, but it is best not to plan on it. You will need to use the 405 as the best north - south bypass since cross traffic will not be allowed across San Vicente while the race is on.


Want More Police?

The LAPD Chief and area Captain will be on hand for our annual meeting and they need to see a packed house to better understand our Brentwood's enthusiasm for more police patrols. Other areas are staking their claim to the additional westside officers and we need to do the same. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, or in this case, the police. RSVP for our March 22 Annual Meeting here.