Weekend Update 2018.04.06
Sent Date: 04/07/18

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If a membership renewal notice appears above the logo, PLEASE click the link to renew. If there is no message, it means your membership is current. Thank you.


Safer Mailboxes

We heard you. They heard us. Thanks to a two year campaign for better and safer mailboxes and alerts to the Postmaster and Congressman Lieu's office about the problems with mail theft, the Barrington Post Office has finally installed a better tamper-proof box. We're hoping to see more soon IF these prove effective.


What Is A CUP?

Almost all property within the geographic boundaries of the Brentwood Homeowners Association is zoned residential for single-family homes. The zoning laws are what restrict your neighbor from putting up next to you a six-story home, an apartment building, or a fast food restaurant. However, certain non-single-family structures and uses have been allowed because the land owner applied for, and was granted, a Conditional Use Permit ("CUP"). The CUP process requires that certain "Findings" be made, and the decision includes Conditions (hence, CONDITIONAL Use Permit) that SHOULD mitigate the impacts on surrounding neighbors. The schools, houses of worship, and hotels you see in our area all have CUPs, and are subject to restrictions documented in the CUP. BHA Directors get involved in drafting these Conditions, monitoring compliance with the Conditions, and seeking enforcement for non-compliance.


Consider applying to become a BHA Director. No prior knowledge or experience is necessary. We provide all the on-the-job training. This is important and satisfying work that preserves the value of our homes and the Brentwood quality of life. Email us at info@brentwoodhomeowners.org for more information.


The lobby at the West LA police station will be closed from 11pm to 7am to allow more police officers on the streets. Please make note of the non emergency phone number:

877-ASK-LAPD (877-275-5273)

Put this number in your cell phone contacts. Do not be afraid to call the police with any questions or concerns. Call 911 for a real emergency or a crime in progress.


Monthly Board Meeting Tuesday (Members Welcome)



Tuesday, April 10, 2018; 7:30pm



Brentwood Upper School



1. Approval of February 13, 2018 Minutes

2. Introduction of Directors

3. Election of Officers

4. Crime; Trailhead Signs – Senior Lead Officer Maria Gray

5. CD 11 Report – Lisa Cahill, Field Deputy for Councilmember Mike Bonin

6. Treasurer’s Report – Rodney Liber

7. Annual Meeting Recap – Kathleen Flangan

8. Audit Committee Report

9. Sunset Traffic Congestion Survey – New CEQA Traffic Reports – Allyn Rifkin; Catalyst Analytic

10. Trails and Open Space on Berggruen property – Canyon Back Alliance (Wendy-Sue Rosen)

11. VA Notice of Hearing for Enhanced-Use Lease – Kathleen Flanagan

12. St. Martin of Tours Non-Compliance with CUP – Thelma Waxman, Kathleen Flanagan

13. Archer School – Update by BHA members of Covenant Committee

14. Mount Saint Mary’s (placeholder) – Kathleen Flanagan

15. Luxe Hotel Sign in Violation of CUP – June 21 Hearing (placeholder)

16. New Business

17. Member Comment – Each speaker will be limited to 2 minutes and all comments limited to 10 minutes unless decided

otherwise by the Chair