Weekend Update 2018.05.11
Sent Date: 05/12/18

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Resolved: Save The Trails

In an effort to support our community and neighbors and preserve remaining open space and existing trails, the BHA has passed the following resolution:


"The Brentwood Homeowners Association is committed to the preservation of existing open space and trails in the Santa Monica Mountains and to the mission that no portion of any development, including any surrounding access roads, can degrade the trails or can be installed in protected open space held in trust for the public."


Resolutions by the BHA give City agencies, institutions and developers a better understanding of the position and commitments of the people impacted in our Brentwood area. The BHA considers each and every proposal on a case by case basis after thorough review.


505 Barrington Agreement

A year ago, homeowners came to us with concerns about a 39 unit condominium proposal at 505 Barrington and its impacts on single-family lots to the west along Westgate Ave. Specifically the homeowners were worried about encroachment on a canyon area (photo above) between the properties and noise from tenant activity in the proposed pool and recreation area. We are pleased to report the builder has responded to input concerning the most amenable design and placement of the rear property structures in order to minimize noise and will now not encroach on the canyon area. Thank you to those homeowner members who alerted us to the matter and took the many hours necessary to find an acceptable compromise.


Walk Smart / Stay Alive?

In the first four months of this year, 70% of pedestrian fatalities in the Valley were the fault of the pedestrian, according to LAPD. The main causes were crossing a street outside a designated crosswalk and distraction from talking or texting on their phones. Please be mindful that while pedestrians have the right of way, being in the right won't save you in a fight with a two ton machine.

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