Weekend Update 2018.06.29
Sent Date: 06/29/18

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Coyotes Prowling

A dog was attacked this week by coyotes in a homeowner's backyard in Bundy Canyon. There are coyotes wandering our hills who occasionally come around, lost or looking for food. It is important for all residents to understand their behavior and what to do if confronted, especially if you're with your dog. Please read this important bulletin so you know what to do when!


Vacation Burglaries

Another two burglaries of homes when the family was on vacation, this time on the 100 block of Homewood Rd and the 400 block of north Bowling Green Way. These are the third and fourth in two weeks. The priors were on the 200 block of north Bowling Green Way and Rockingham to our west. Please be cautious about who knows you are traveling and about packages on your doorstep. USE your alarm. POST "Beware of Dog" signs. Be vigilant and report suspicious activity to the police so we can all be safer.


Divide and Conquer?

MSMU recently sent a letter touting an agreement with a half dozen homeowners near the school. The BHA and other homeowner groups, representing thousands of homeowners, have been talking to MSMU for over two years and are still looking for the school to respond to many questions, including the questions in our 37-page letter of comments on the School’s Draft Environmental Impact Report. We will need a meaningful reduction in vehicle trips and reasonable caps on enrollment and extracurricular activities before support of the project can be considered. We are working with homeowners and Councilmember Bonin, who we hope will support our concerns and position. For more info, click here.


Safer Crosswalk

The BHA lobbied the LA Dept of Transportation after area homeowners expressed concern over a precarious pedestrian crossing at Sunset and Church Lane. The new lighted "No Right Turn" sign activates when a person crossing pushes a button, but doesn't otherwise impede the flow of traffic. One more step toward safer streets!


Please Mount Your Plates!

Some want to drive plateless even after receiving them on a new car and sure it's super cool to avoid the tolls on the drive down to the OC, but you are compromising the safety of our neighborhood when vehicles cannot be identified. Please do your part and mount your plates!

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