Weekend Update 2018.07.14
Sent Date: 07/14/18

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A Better Park?

After years of stagnation, the BHA, along with concerned partners at the BCC, is intent on seeing funds raised in our area through development fees directed to park improvements. In the coming months, we will also be pursuing angel donors who can aid in the substantial costs necessary to expeditiously build a new gymnasium in place of the old one and install artificial grass on what would be a new combination baseball, football and soccer field. 


A Bad Precedent

This 76.5 square-foot sign was illegally installed in violation of restrictions imposed in 2005 about signage on this property. BHA members called this to our attention and after the BHA pointed this out to the hotel, they applied for a waiver of the zoning rules. While this may not seem like a big deal, granting of a variance to the hotel will lead to requests by other commercial entities in Brentwood leading to more signage near Sunset.


Please help by sending an email to the Zoning Administrator at alexander.truong@lacity.org (cc: info@brentwoodhomeowners.org) that makes one or more of the following points, but please be brief and use your own words.


Thank you.


I oppose a variance for the brightly lighted, 76.5 square-foot sign for the Luxe hotel at 11461 Sunset Blvd because:

1. The sign would create a bad precedent for the approval of other such billboard-type signs on buildings near the 405 San Diego Freeway such as the Angeleno hotel and the Getty Center        .

2. The sign is not consistent with the surrounding residential neighborhood and degrades the view and aesthetics of the community.

3. The large, brightly lighted sign is actually an obtrusive advertising billboard.

4. Sunset Blvd is not a commercial street. The hotel operates at this location because it was granted a special exception. The hotel is pushing their good fortune to ask for this objectionable sign.


Choppers In The Air

As you are aware, LAPD has responded with "Air Support" recently to a few active burglary reports and/or traffic stops on Sunset. LAPD has advised YOU can help yourself and the police by turning on all exterior lights AND by locking doors and windows until the situation has cleared. Some of our members have had their electrician install powerful LED flood lights in their backyard to light up the night when they hear or see something. Please understand that while a police helicopter hovering over your house at night can be disturbing, this is the BEST way to coordinate ground response teams to keep you safe!


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