Weekend Update 2018.08.18
Sent Date: 08/18/18

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Update: Archer DWP Construction On Sunset

Thanks to our alert, and quick action by the council office, DWP construction will not begin on Sunset today. Instead, Councilman Bonin will meet with DWP and School officials on Monday to explore the best options for minimal impact. We have suggested night construction, which will impact the few to the benefit of many, as well as ending any day construction no later than 2pm. More importantly, we have urged the City to properly coordinate and communicate all future work permits along Sunset.


Win For Neighbors, Katsuya and Brentwood

Thank you to all our members who contacted us about the impact of Katsuya’s valet parking operations on the surrounding neighborhood.  Based on your feedback, prior to the hearing on August 15, BHA met with representatives from the BCC and Katsuya to discuss these concerns and reached an agreement on conditions to lessen the impacts City officials adopted at the hearing. These conditions require the valet to use only the garage in the building for parking, to increase staffing at peak times so cars are not double parked on San Vicente and to implement a plan to prevent cars from queuing on San Vicente, as well as a prescribed circulation route for the valet.  In addition, a Parking Compliance Report must be submitted to the City six months after the restaurant expansion is complete. These conditions, which will be part of a Conditional Use Permit, will allow Katsuya to expand their operations while protecting the neighborhood.


The LADWP is looking for customers to participate in the Residence Sampling Team from Sept 10-14. Customers who join the team will have their home drinking water tested for lead and copper by a state-certified lab, free of charge. Your home must have been built between 1982 and 1986, have no water treatment devices and the original plumbing. For more information, call Ms Higashiyama at 213.367.5166.


Board Meeting * 7:30pm * Wed Aug 22


Introduction of Directors and Guests

LAPD Report by Senior Lead Officer Maria Gray

CD 11 Report by Lisa Cahill, Field Deputy for Councilmember Mike Bonin

Treasurer’s Report

Board discussion regarding trial members

Updates on:

 - Katsuya valet parking on neighborhood streets,

 - Development at SW corner of Sunset/Barrington

 - Park Advisory Board

 - Luxe Hotel Sign

 - Mount St Marys University

Recent burglaries; License plate reader

Electric Scooters

New Business

Member Comments


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