Weekend Update 2018.08.24
Sent Date: 08/24/18

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Update: DWP Project Halted

When the BHA learned of a proposed closure of a lane on Sunset for 10 weeks in front of the Archer School, we immediately contacted the Council office to alert them of this untenable plan. They agreed and met with DWP and School representatives and are working on a more logical plan. Brentwood DOES need infrastructure upgrades and there will be inconveniences, but we hope closures on Sunset are a last resort, and recommend night work as a viable solution.


Something's Coming To Texaco

The owners of the former Texaco Gas Station property on Barrington and Sunset will soon file with the City plans to develop the corner as ground floor retail with apartments above. The complex plans to have ample overflow underground parking to accomodate not only the property but neighboring stores as well. It is not anticipated the development will require any variances. In other words, it will be built within zoning standards. The BHA is in communication with the owner’s representatives and will keep our members posted on any new information. There are no dates yet set for the start of construction.



The BHA led a discussion with LAPD Detectives and our area Lead Officer at our last board meeting. They have confirmed there is a step up in both patrol cars and undercover detectives who are looking for cars without plates and people lingering in vehicles. They indicated the majority of burglars are not interested in confrontation, but understand the rules are changing. The detectives said camera DO help as LAPD responds faster to an active intruder, as opposed to an alarm going off, which is given low priority. They encourage residents to get involved and take note of what's going on around your home.


What's App with Street Safety?

Many of our members are taking the initiative for stepping up safety on their street. One way is to form a message group with adjacent homeowners using a messaging app. If you have an iPhone, for instance, you can text several of your neighbors (once you have their permission and phone numbers) in a single text and then, by hitting the "i" in the upper corner, create a "group" name, to inform the group of suspicious activity or that you will be out of town. Be sure the set ground rules for use.


It Doesn't Take Much To Get Involved

The BHA is looking for homeowners who would like to contribute a few hours a month to help our community. If you would consider joining our board, click this link to find out more


If you see a renewal notice at the top of this email, please click the link and renew by credit card today. Renewing by credit card guarantees uninterrupted membership and will keep you informed of important neighborhood news. (You do NOT need to be a member of Paypal, the credit card processing service we use.)