Weekend Update 2018.09.14
Sent Date: 09/15/18

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Sergei Goes To State

Prison that is. Brentwood's favorite auto burglar is going away for three years after changing his plea to guilty, partly because of BHA members who appeared to testify, says the District Attorney. He had already been on parole for another crime and he will now be a convicted felon for life. His plea deal also involves restitution to his victims which might not mean much had he not been able to raise money for bail three times in the last fourteen months. You may recall he was caught when an alert homeowner spotted his car after seeing a photo on one of these weekend updates! 

Next BHA Monthly Board Meeting

October 9  * 7:30pm



Food Delivery or Burglar?

LAPD is warning that knock-knock burglars are coming up with new tactics to fit in to the neighborhood. Renting nicer cars has already been in play for a year now, but police now report some bring props like food and drinks to appear to be a regular delivery service while they determine no one is home. LAPD continues to encourage residents to install Ring or Nest or similar cameras that alert your smartphone when people are on your property. See this link for a more complete report.


Animal Cruelty

On September 5th, a local Good Samaritan was out on a walk when she found a large injured raptor (later identified as a Coopers Hawk) on the ground. Upon further inspection, she discovered that one of the bird’s wings had a large amount of blood on it.  She was able to capture the bird and take it to the Wildlife Center in Calabasas.  Sadly, it was determined that the bone in its wing had been shattered by a pellet and the hawk ultimately had to be euthanized. 


This is a Federal offense and is being investigated at both the Federal and City levels. Police say these types of occurrences are sometimes associated with the hobby of homing pigeons/doves. The raptor type birds lay in wait for the daily release of the hobby birds and frustrate the owners, who then use pellet guns to counter the raptor’s attacks on their hobby birds. In other cases, it's an immature individual using a bb gun and may not realize or be concerned about the harm.


Please send information about any animal cruelty to Officer Maria Gray.

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