Weekend Update 2018.09.28
Sent Date: 09/29/18

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San Vicente Closed Until Noon Sunday

San Vicente from Bringham to 26th will be closed from 6am to Noon on Sunday. There will be a 5K run and other events sponsored by Kickin Cancer. People needing to drive north and south should use the 405, Sepulveda or 26th St.


One More Bus, 50 Less Cars

As part of our mission, the BHA sometimes funds beautification and transportation initiatives. This month, the board will vote on possibly supporting a bus program for Kenter Canyon School, with the aim of reducing the morning traffic at Kenter and Sunset. The goal is for these programs to be self-funding, but they need between $5,000 - $10,000 to help jump start the program. The money would be a one time investment for this spring and is also being aided by Brentwood School. These are your dues at work. Please let us know your thoughts by sending us an email.


Modern Day Neighborhood Watch

LAPD Senior Lead Officer Maria Gray: What’s your version of ‘watching’ your neighborhood?  People sometimes ask me what does Neighborhood Watch really mean?  What does the program involve? 


When I first achieved the rank of Senior Lead Officer 16 years ago, Neighborhood Watch involved a core group of neighbors, meeting regularly (typically once a month) in someone’s living room and we would discuss what’s been happening in their immediate community at virtually every level, not just about crime.  There were positions of ‘Block Captain’ and ‘Secretary,’ etc.  People freely exchanged home phone numbers and watched out for their neighbors when they went on vacation by collecting their mail and newspapers.  They met face to face and talked and shared and pointed out suspicious things happening in their neighborhood.  It was sometimes described as a sanctioned way of being… nosy. MORE

Next BHA Monthly Board Meeting

October 9  * 7:30pm





Mike Bonin approved a series of rules for a one year-pilot program for dockless bikes and scooters in Los Angeles. The rules strike a balance between allowing dockless vehicles as a convenient, zero-emission form of short-trip transportation and holding companies and users accountable for bad behavior. The rules also require companies share their data with the City, so they can continue to craft smart regulations, and require the companies to develop equity plans and offer their services in disadvantaged communities.


Homeless Housing

From Councilperson Mike Bonin: Our homeless veterans who sleep on our sidewalks need housing urgently. Thanks to your support and encouragement, we are going to provide it.

Today, the city, the county and the federal government took action to start providing temporary bridge housing at the West Los Angeles VA Campus. It will give homeless veterans a safe place to stay while the VA moves forward with its draft master plan, which will eventually provide permanent supportive housing for them.

A generation ago, many Westsiders opposed such efforts. But no more. For the past several years, neighbors have approached me at community events, homeowners association meetings, or the farmer’s market, asking when veterans would finally benefit from the 400 acre campus meant to serve them. MORE


Brentwood Country Mart postcard, circa 1960s.

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