Weekend Update 2018.10.05
Sent Date: 10/06/18

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Burglaries Down

BHA Member vigilance and safety precautions are having a positive effect, with burglary incidents down almost 20% since the last quarter. Small neighbor groups within our territory like Homewood, Bonhill and Bowling Green have helped form better communication networks and the installation of cameras both on homes and aimed toward streets help track incidents and intruders.


Less Is Better

The BHA meets with the LA Department of Transportation periodically to address traffic related issues. Our suggestion to implement an "all stop," a situation where all four lights at an intersection are red for about two seconds, has resulted in a significant reduction in collisions at the corner of Bundy and Sunset!



Thank you to the dozens of members who chimed in with their support for our efforts to improve traffic flow. We will discuss our part in the Kenter Canyon program kickoff at our next monthly meeting.

Monthly Board Meeting

October 9  * 7:30pm



  • LAPD Report – Senior Lead Officer Maria Gray
  • CD 11 Report – Lisa Cahill, Field Deputy for Councilmember Mike Bonin
  • Treasurer’s Report; Donation to Friends of Library
  • Theft of US Mail – Lee Versoza, US Postal Inspector
  • Buses for Kenter Canyon Elementary and Paul Revere
  • Homelessness
  • Update on:
  • (1) ZA Hearing for 6 restaurants at 11819 Wilshire
  • (2) Brentwood School CUP Compliance Issue
  • (3) Park Advisory Board
  • (4) License plate reader
  • (5) Meeting with LAPD
  • (6) Sunset traffic study
  • (7) MSMU traffic count
  • (8) Luxe sign violation
  • New Business
  • Member Comment  

Richard and Pat Nixon evacuate their Brentwood rental at 901 N Bundy Drive during the infamous 1961 Bel Air Brentwood fire that ravaged hundred of homes.



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