Weekend Update 2018.10.19
Sent Date: 10/20/18

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Archer North Wing

School Projects

BHA continues to meet with both Archer School for Girls and Brentwood School while construction is underway for their expansion projects.  Archer School recently informed BHA that it will complete the North Wing renovation by the spring of 2019, but construction of the underground parking structure as well as the two-story gym have been postponed. The Archer School board is currently evaluating what the next steps are in the project and they will advise BHA once a decision has been made.   


The Brentwood School main excavation was completed after some minor delays due to weather. The Middle School building construction continues and is expected to be completed before September 2019.

Brentwood Middle School Building


Stand Up For Vets - Friday, October 26

Each year, at the local West LA VA campus, there is a fair to benefit and offer help to homeless vets. They need volunteers to work in two hour shifts at the various booths. Serve food, volunteer at registration or information desks, help to style women Veterans in the AmVet clothing tent. Discover the fulfillment of extending a helping hand to our soldiers as they struggle to find housing and overcome hardship. Please consider lending your time or making a donation. Thank you. 

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Many members received this notice at their homes last week. Extenet is installing fiber optic lines on telephone poles in order to provide a faster broadband option. We are in the process of confirming their authorization as stated.


Following a series of fires that have broken out in the hillsides over the last year, the Los Angeles City Council unanimously approved an ordinance Wednesday that increases requirements for brush clearance and fire safety in Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones, including a ban on metal weed whackers.


Just A Couple Hours A Week

The BHA is looking for homeowners who would like to contribute a little spare time to help our community. If you would consider joining our board, click this link to find out more



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