Weekend Update 2018.10.26
Sent Date: 10/27/18

Empty Bee Template



I Tot I Taw...

Here are some ideas if you see an unknown vehicle and someone in it parked near your home.

  • If you're leaving, yell something back to the house as if you're talking to someone who is still there.
  • Go out and water your lawn or step outside to make a cell phone call.
  • Engage in conversation with a neighbor or someone walking their dog.

While doing any of the above, please take note of vehicle make and model should something occur later at your house or others.


Also, while there are legitimate food and package delivery people, ride share services and realtors frequently in our neighborhood, no one should be on your property without permission. Of course, if you see what you believe is criminal activity or feel in danger, call 911.



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