Details on Hanley Burglary
Sent Date: 10/31/18

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This past Monday, October 29, four men, some with lengthy criminal records, forcibly entered a home on the 500 block of Hanley Ave. As they were burglarizing the home, they were confronted by a housekeeper who had not heard them enter, and they immediately fled the home. While getting into their vehicle, a team from the LA County Sheriffs who had them under surveillance but had lost track of them momentarily, was approaching the home and began a short pursuit which included LAPD and ended at Kenter and Homewood. The homeowner, who was nearby and had been alerted to the incident by her housekeeper, came upon the scene while rushing home and identified herself to law enforcement personnel who had just apprehended the suspects. Surveillance cameras at the home indicate they may not have rang the bell, but went around back to look through the windows for any occupants. No cars were in the driveway at the time.


While they can be annoying and intrusive, many cameras like Nest and Ring have motion sense capabilities which send you a text when someone is on your property. A back or side yard camera, in addition to a front facing camera, can give you an early warning of trespassers.