Burglary Update Saturday
Sent Date: 11/03/18

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Saturday Nov 3, 1:00am - A suspect is in custody today after being apprehended while hiding on Lorna Lane near Chenault late last night. Police are still trying to piece together multiple crimes but preliminary indications are the suspect may have accosted a woman on the 100 block of north Bowling Green Way, made his way north and entered a home on the 200 block, only to be scared off by a housekeeper inside. He then headed south on Bowling Green Way, across Sunset and may have been the person responsible for two forced entries on Oceano and Westgate. This is what sparked the dragnet, which lasted for several hours. It may take detective several days to confirm if all these events are indeed related and the result of a single individual. Of course, we will report details as soon as we can confirm valid and accurate information. And yes, we will try and get the name of the K-9 who helped in the arrest!


During police actions like this, it is recommended to do the following:


1. Lock all windows and doors.

2. Turn your alarm on Stay mode.

3. Turn on all perimeter lighting around your house.

4. Call 911 if you have important information about the crime in progress.

5. DO NOT call 911 to get information. You can call the West LA police on their non-emergency line.


Good luck and stay safe!