Friday Arrest Update
Sent Date: 11/05/18

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Here is more detail on the Friday afternoon dragnet...


On 11/02/18, at approximately 3:30 pm, West LAPD patrol officers received a radio call of a burglary suspect at the 100 block of north Bowling Green Way. The suspect was described as a male, Hispanic, 5’2”, mid-20’s.  The victim, outside her home, had been grabbed by the suspect over her clothing, in a sexual manner.  He appeared to be under the influence.  She screamed and the suspect fled through the neighborhood. 


Officers then discovered there was another victim, also on the 100 Block of north Bowling Green Way, who saw the suspect in their backyard while he was actively trying to get inside their house.  He couldn’t get in and the suspect fled over a fence to a neighbor’s yard.


The suspect then entered a neighboring home and the housekeeper saw the suspect in the house holding electronics.  He shoved and pinned the victim and her scream brought a family member to the scene who gave chase. The suspect continued to flee. 


While officers were interviewing this victim, another radio call came in of a Vandalism Just Occurred on the 12000 block of Kearsarge Street.  Victim heard a loud crash and saw the suspect trying to access his side gate.  Victim secured himself inside the house and the suspect kicked the door trying to get inside.  When he couldn’t, he fled.


Another victim on the 100 block of Saltair saw the suspect attempting to enter his residence through an open window.  The victim confronted the suspect, who then pulled his torso back out of the window and fled. 


On the 500 block of Westgate the suspect was attempting to open the rear door of her residence. He had cut the screen of the window leading to her daughter’s room but thankfully, the suspect was unable to get inside. He then continued to run. Officers were combing the area trying to find this guy.


On the 300 block of Westgate, a security guard flagged down officers to report he had seen the suspect and the direction he ran.  Officers set up a perimeter and requested a K9 unit. 


The suspect was taken into custody at about 10:00 pm, after a large coordinated effort between reporting victims and citizens, LAPD officers, security guards, and our Metro K9 Unit.  Special thanks go out to West LA Officers Chavez and Noland who carried this radio call from beginning to end, and saw it through to the suspect being booked for multiple charges.


The BHA thanks our members who texted and emailed information and to the LAPD who responded en force. If you would like to extend a personal thanks, you can email them at