Weekend Update Nov 09, 2018
Sent Date: 11/09/18

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Hero They Are

By popular demand, we bring you the arresting team from last Friday night, Officer Steve Jenkins and King! They were part of the extensive dragnet of ground and air units employed by LAPD after reports of assaults and burglaries north and south of Sunset. In 2011, Officer Jenkins was critically injured, shot in the shoulder and face by a domestic violence suspect who later took his own life. Both his wife and son are also LAPD officers.


Update: Detectives have now tied to the Friday night mayhem a home on the 200 block of Oceano bringing the total to five homes infiltrated by one person. (This was reported as likely by BHA early Saturday morning.) For a reminder of the details, click here.


You can write to LAPD Lead Officer Maria Gray Here


Sunday November 11 * 11:30am




Monthly Board Meeting 

Open To Members Only

Tuesday Nov 13 at 7:30pm


1.     Introduction of Directors and Guests

2.     Introduction of Prospective New Directors

3.     Approval of October 9, 2018 Minutes

4.     LAPD Report – Senior Lead Officer Maria Gray

5.     CD 11 Report – Lisa Cahill, Field Deputy for Councilmember Mike Bonin

6.     Treasurer’s Report; bookkeeper – Rod Liber

7.     Annual Meeting Plans

8.     Scooters – Marc Fishman

9.     Kenter Canyon Elementary School Bus Program – Thelma Waxman

10.   Litigation against Catalyst AT and Media Arts

11.   New Business

12.   Member Comment – Each speaker will be limited to 2 minutes and all comments limited to 10 minutes unless decided otherwise by the Chair

13.   Closed Session

Mount Saint Mary’s University

14.   Adjourn

Strength In Numbers
Your membership in BHA (in dark blue below) helps us coordinate efforts with our neighbor HOAs from Brentwood Glen to Mandeville Canyon and from South Brentwood to Mulholland in an effort to keep our voices strong with institutions, commercial entities and City Hall! The BHA has nearly 1,200 active members and is one of the largest HOAs in California.

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Free Parking for Veterans at the Getty Center

all weekend with military ID.