BHA Weekend Update
Sent Date: 11/17/18

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November 16, 2018




Expansion Plans MSMU

Many of you have written concerned about the proposed expansion of Mount Saint Mary's University (MSMU) atop Bundy Drive. The BHA is equally concerned, especially about enrollment, intensification of use, and traffic traveling the narrow residential roads that lead to the campus that also must use Sunset Blvd. Neighbor groups in the area have met with Councilmember Mike Bonin in an effort to review the previous permits and clarify issues regarding conditions of the School's current operations and its impact on the surrounding community. These are many of the same issues BHA raised in THIS LETTER filed with the City as a response to the project's Draft Environmental Impact Report.


For those of us who have lived in Brentwood for many years, we have seen MSMU grow from a student population of 235 to over 1,500 today (a minority of whom live on campus). The School has made clear its desire to have an even larger enrollment of over 2,200. This growth directly affects the adjacent neighbors and the already over-burdened residential streets since the only way to access the campus is through the winding residential streets from Sunset Boulevard. We must also be concerned about increases to enrollment and events as it relates to fire safety and evacuation issues. We expect a Final Environmental Impact Report soon and will keep you posted on any developments. We hope MSMU will respond to all the concerns and questions in our letter to the City in order that we can have a useful dialogue.


Lending A Hand

Dozens of BHA members recalled the fire threats of last year and reached out to help those in danger and need. Some brought food, clothing and other items to the Palisades shelter, while others dropped off treats for the fire fighters at Station 19. Many of us housed family and friends who were evacuated from their homes. Above, BHA board member and 59-year Brentwood homeowner Donald Keller, takes a break from his shift working at the Palisades Shelter last weekend to pose for a photo with other volunteers. If you want to help, please click this link for ways to reach the Red Cross and LAFD Foundation.


Beware Of Scams

When tragedy strikes, the scam artists aren't far behind. Please do not respond to telephone or in person solicitations. Most of our members are sophisticated and know ways to give to legitimate charities who help those in need, but for more info, bookmark this nifty tool to see how a charity rates. Link to Charity Navigator.