Holiday Package Safety
Sent Date: 12/01/18

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Holiday Package Safety

With the holiday season there are more packages and thieves who want to take advantage of the ripe pickings. Unless you have a ferocious guard dog at your door, we suggest following these simple tips...



- Check your email alerts to know when packages have arrived and have someone bring them into the house as soon as possible.

- If no one is around to receive packages, have them delivered to a safer location, like a workplace.

- Check delivery dates to make sure packages don't arrive when you're away. If this can't be avoided, have a friend or neighbor hold them for you.



-  Leave packages out all day or overnight.

- Leave outgoing mail in your mailbox, especially any bills with checks.


Thieves are getting more creative and some will arrive at your door with a food delivery bag, leaving with your belongings when they see no one is home. Be on the lookout for suspicious activity.


For more ideas, click this link.


DidYouKnow? You can tell Amazon not to deliver to an address on weekends? Just go to Your Account => Manage Shipping Addresses =>  Edit the address  => Weekend Delivery