Break In Suspect
Sent Date: 12/08/18

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Burglary Suspect

The man pictured above broke in to a home on the 400 block of north Bowling Green Way this week, forcing his way through a rear door. The home was being remodeled, so no one was home and the alarm was disabled at the time of entry. While there has been a reduction in home burglaries in the past few weeks, since the recent spike, we must all be vigilant for suspicious activity and take all precautions.


One Year An Hour A Week

Consider joining the BHA board and lend a voice to issues important to our community. The commitment is little, the rewards can last a lifetime. Click here to inquire. We are looking for professionals who have expertise in the law, public relations, and finance. Come make a difference!

Monthly Board Meeting - Tuesday, Dec 11

1. Introduction of Directors and Guests

2. Introduction of Prospective New Directors

3. Approval of November 13, 2018 Minutes

4. CD 11 Report – Lisa Cahill, Field Deputy for Councilmember Mike Bonin

5. Donation to Overnight Homeless Shelter

6. Annual Meeting Plans; Newsletter contents and timing

7. 11700 Sunset Blvd Project (Sunset/Barrington corner) – Kristen Montet Lonner, presenter; 4-story bldg. with 14 condos over retail; one-story commercial bldg.; parking for 169 cars

8. Barry’s Bootcamp Project at Brentwood Gardens (Dec 20 Hearing)

Requesting hours of 5:00am to 9:00pm, and Exception from San Vicente Specific Plan to permit zero parking spaces in lieu of the 31 additional required for the proposed change of use from retail to health club

9. Update on claim against Catalyst AT and Media Arts

10. New Business

11. Member Comment – Each speaker will be limited to 2 minutes and all comments limited to 10 minutes unless decided otherwise by the Chair

12. Closed Session - Mount Saint Mary’s University

13. Adjourn