Weekend Update 2018.12.14
Sent Date: 12/15/18

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Outta Gas

The vacant site that was formerly a Texaco station at Barrington and Sunset will soon be developed into housing and retail. The plan calls for 14 condominiums and 13,000 square feet of ground floor retail. While we are always concerned about more congestion, the height and size are within City zoning limits and the developer, who is the long time owner of the site, is asking only for minor technical variances. The underground parking will have more spaces than required, to help accomodate Village parking needs. Initial comments reflected concern for the aesthetics of the design, and also the retail stores on the ground floor facing Sunset, which does not exist for miles in either direction.


Barry's Bootcamp

The BHA is supportive of new businesses in and around our community, especially those that provide a valued benefit to our members. This objective is sometimes in conflict with the preservation of historic Sunset and San Vicente boulevards. This week, the BHA raised concerns about a nearly 5,000 square foot health club which was asking for a variance to provide no additional parking, as opposed to the 31 additional spaces required by City zoning rules, and was in conflict with the San Vicente Scenic Corridor Specific Plan. The SVSCSP dictates regulations for businesses and activities along San Vicente. In addition, we know our members are most concerned about traffic and we were worried about the potential to add to existing congestion at San Vicente and Barrington during peak evening hours. We are hoping the business owner and landlord will seek a solution to find adequate parking for this large gym which would be a destination for many of our health minded members.


Fireplace Fires

As the weather cools off for the holiday season, warming up next to a roaring fireplace is a long cherished tradition even in the mild California climate. But did you know that L.A. has restrictions on when you can burn wood in your fireplace? Improper operation of a fireplace or using a defective one can be a fire hazard, however, wood burning fireplaces are especially bad for our air quality. They emit a variety of air pollutants which can cause breathing and other health problems.


The “burn days” are actually set by the South Coast Air Quality Management District. The restrictions are put into effect from November through February on days when emissions and stagnant weather condition raise air pollution to unhealthy levels. On those days, the SCAQMD prohibits the burning of wood or manufactured fire logs in any indoor and outdoor fireplaces. Gas fireplaces are not subject to this ban.


The SCAQMD created “Check Before You Burn” program to keep residents updated about “burn days”. Just enter your zip code at www.whentoburn.com and check the map for your area. You can also visit www.aqmd.gov and sign up for reports and alerts, or call 866-966-3293.