LAPD Advisory on Burglaries
Sent Date: 01/31/19



Due to a small uptick in burglaries, patrol officers are out in Brentwood in force, hitting the residential areas, particularly above Sunset Boulevard, to try and prevent any more residential burglaries. As we already know, a successful burglary is a big draw for the bad guys to come back to a neighborhood time and time again. Officers are trying to provide a high level of police visibility as well as to conduct investigative traffic stops of suspicious vehicles.  But we need your help! 


Officer Earl Wright just called me to let me know that there are a disproportionate number of garage doors left wide open and unoccupied. Also, in less than one hour, he came across three unlocked gates that lead to three unlocked front doors. Side gates that are left unsecured or ajar are also a draw for suspects to quickly and quietly access your backyards. Packages delivered and left on door stoops also indicate, at a glance, that no one is home. 


Remember that residential burglaries typically happen during the day. So, use your alarms, lock your doors and close your windows, even if leaving for a quick trip to the store.  Your system should include instant notification to your smartphone if someone is at your front door, the sides or your house and/or your backyard. 


What to look for? Look for cars in your neighborhood containing multiple young people together, both male and female, wearing cinched hoodies (the equivalent of modern day masks when cinched tight enough), in rental vehicles (as indicated by the rental bar code stickers in the windows), or vehicles with paper plates, or vehicles with excessively tinted windows, often with visors down, or any combination of these descriptors. Seeing such described vehicles or young people wearing hoodies does not necessarily make them criminal, but I will say that they deserve a second, and even third, look. And let them know they’re being looked at!  I sometimes just pick up my cell phone and stare to give the impression that I’m calling the police about them. Let them know that your neighborhood is a watchful, cared for community, that looks out for one another and they’d better move on and move on quickly.


Maria Gray

Senior Lead Officer

West Los Angeles Community Police Station

Office:  310-444-0744



Our Annual Meeting this year is

Monday, February 25 at University Synagogue

Councilmember Mike Bonin and his team, along with Firefighters from Station 19, will be on hand.

Come eat, drink and learn about Crime, Safety, Development, Traffic and other issues impacting Brentwood!


Do to venue security and capacity restrictions




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