Weekend Update 2019.02.15
Sent Date: 02/16/19




Please remember during these heavy rains that fallen trees can sometimes get entangled in power lines. Please call LAFD and LADWP (1-800-342-5397) if you have a concern.


ALSO, please remember to shut off sprinklers and conserve water. California is in a state of perpetual drought, which is only temporarily mitigated by the rains.



Our local fire fighters were hoping for some new equipment for the station and your BHA, along with individual board members, stepped in and delivered! Come meet some of the brave team from Station 19 at our ANNUAL MEETING on Monday, February 25 and thank them in person for protecting our community!



For security reasons you must RSVP HERE



BHA members met with an outreach agency and the council office to address this growing concern. The BCC last week confirmed in an announcement that: "The County Department of Public Works will clean the homeless encampment area outside the VA on on Feb 20. Our homeless neighbors are receiving daily social service outreach for housing, food and medical treatment. The clean up will remove several large bulky items and sanitize the sidewalks."


As you can imagine, the issue is extremely complex and there is no single solution to help everyone on our streets. Most individuals are initially resistant to aid and suffer from some form of mental illness. Not all are veterans, and those who are may not qualify for or desire services. Court decisions have made it legal to sleep on the public right of way under certain circumstances. This issue will be with us until multiple large scale resources are established.