BHA Weekend Update March 15
Sent Date: 03/16/19



One More Option

The Sunset exit from the 405 North will soon get an additional left turn option after many members made the suggestion and CalTrans studied the traffic patterns. The middle lane, which is currently for eastbound traffic only, will soon give drivers the option of turning right or left.


Short-Term Rentals

For the past decade, short-term home rentals have increased in popularity facilitated by advances in technology. Most destination cities across the country have been forced to adopt strict rules and requirements to protect the sanctity of single-family homes. The Los Angeles Ordinance was adopted recently and becomes effective July 1. The BHA worked with City officials to protect your rights and while we did not get all that we wanted, the Ordinance should provide you better protections than in previous years. Councilmember Bonin was supportive of our efforts and crucial in their adoption.

  • Hosts can only offer their primary residences (in which they reside for at least six months of the year) for short term rentals.
  • A maximum of 120 days per year (unless eligible for Extended Home Sharing)
  • Must be registered with the City.
  • The City will have a 24/7 staffed hotline to receive complaints.

More Is Less

Yes, this Brentwood School building on Barrington Place will be completed in July and with it will come the commitment to fewer cars, guaranteed by financial penalties in a covenant with your BHA. The School has informed parents they want to reach peak hour traffic reduction targets ahead of schedule starting this Fall.


San Vicente Closed

The annual LA Marathon is next Sunday, March 24, so be prepared to take alternate routes if you are traveling north/south.