Brentwood - Brentwood Homeowners Association

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01/24/20Weekend Update
01/18/20Weekend Update
01/13/20New Year Still Here
12/30/19Happy New Year
12/19/19Good News - Tagger Nabbed
12/19/19Holiday Update
12/17/19Taggers Last Night
12/16/19Safety and Security
12/14/19BHA Weekend Update
12/11/19BHA LAPD Toys For Kids
12/06/19BHA Weekend Update
11/29/19Thanksgiving Update
11/25/19Burglary Update
11/22/19Weekend Burglary Update
11/19/19Firefighter Appreciation at Kenter Canyon
11/15/19Weekend Update
11/08/19Weekend Update
11/01/19Weekend Update
10/30/19Access - Trash - Mail
10/26/19Weekend Update
10/11/19Weekend Update
10/05/19Weekend Update
09/27/19Weekend Update
09/20/19Weekend Update
09/13/19Weekend Update
09/06/19Weekend Update
08/30/19Weekend Update
08/26/19School's Back!
08/23/19Weekend Update
08/16/19BHA Weekend Update
08/09/19BHA Weekend Update
08/06/19Caught In The Act
08/02/19BHA Update 08.03.2019
07/12/19BHA Update 07.26.2019
07/05/19BHA Update 2019.07.05
07/03/19Safe and Sound
06/29/19BHA Update 2019.06.29
06/07/19BHA Update 2019.06.07
05/24/19BHA Update 2019.05.24
05/17/19BHA Update 2019.05.17
05/10/19BHA Update 2019.05.10
05/07/19Biden in LA Wed
05/04/19BHA Update 2019.05.04
04/27/19BHA Update 2019.04.27
04/20/19BHA Update 2019.04.20
04/12/19BHA Update 2019.04.12
04/05/19President In LA Friday
04/05/19Update President In LA Friday
03/29/19BHA Update 2019.03.29
03/22/19BHA Weekend Mar 22, 2019
03/15/19BHA Weekend Update March 15
03/11/19Tigertail Mountain Lion
03/08/19Weekend Update March 8
03/01/19Weekend Update 2019.03.01
02/28/19Barrington Park Meeting Tonight
02/27/19Burglary and Theft / LAPD Memo
02/22/19Traffic ALERT: Bowling Green Closed
02/15/19Weekend Update 2019.02.15
02/10/19San Vicente Closed Sunday Morning
02/02/19Flash Flood Warnings
02/01/19Weekend Update 2019.02.08
01/31/19LAPD Advisory on Burglaries
01/29/19Gridlock Nights
01/25/19Weekend Update 2019.01.25
01/19/19Weekend Update 2019.01.19
01/14/19Trash Cans In The Rain
01/11/19Weekend Update 2019.01.11
01/04/19Weekend Update 2019.01.04
12/28/18Happy New Year Update
12/22/183:15PM / EB Sunset Jammed
12/19/18Alert: Sunset - Gretna Green
12/18/18Alert: Sunset Water Main Broken
12/17/18Holiday Roadwork
12/14/18Weekend Update 2018.12.14
12/08/18Break In Suspect
11/30/18Weekend Update
11/28/18Holiday Package Safety
11/21/18Weekend Update Thanksgiving
11/16/18BHA Weekend Update
11/09/18Weekend Update Nov 09, 2018
11/09/18Weekend Update Nov 09, 2018
11/05/18Friday Arrest Update
11/05/18Friday Arrest Update
11/03/18Burglary Update Saturday
10/31/18Details on Hanley Burglary
10/31/18Details on Hanley Burglary, Pursuit, Arrest
10/30/18Burglary and Arrest Kenter Area
10/30/18Riviera Country Club
10/26/18Weekend Update 2018.10.26
10/22/18Sunset Blvd Westwood
10/21/18Crime Watch Alert LAPD
10/19/18Weekend Update 2018.10.19
10/16/18Fiber Optic Installation
10/12/18Weekend Update 2018.10.12
10/05/18Weekend Update 2018.10.05
09/28/18Weekend Update 2018.09.28
09/21/18Weekend Update 2018.09.21
09/14/18Weekend Update 2018.09.14
09/07/18Weekend Update 2018.09.07
08/24/18Weekend Update 2018.08.24
08/17/18Weekend Update 2018.08.18
08/11/18Crime * Construction * Katsuya
07/20/18Weekend Update 2018.07.20
07/14/18Weekend Update 2018.07.14
07/06/18Where Are Your Flashlights?!
06/29/18Weekend Update 2018.06.29
06/16/18Weekend Update 2018.06.16
06/16/18Weekend Update 2018.06.16
06/02/18Weekend Update 2018.06.01 (Part II)
06/01/18Weekend Update 2018.06.01
05/25/18Weekend Update 2018.05.25
05/21/18Homelessness in Brentwood
05/18/18Weekend Update 2018.05.18
05/11/18Weekend Update 2018.05.11
04/27/18Weekend Update 2018.04.27
04/20/18Neighbor(hood) Watch
04/14/18Weekend Update 2018.04.14
04/06/18Weekend Update 2018.04.06
03/30/18Weekend Update 2018.03.30
03/16/18San Vicente Sunday
03/09/18Weekend Update 2018.03.09
02/28/18You May Hear Helicopters
5:40pm Unusually Heavy Traffic
Be Part of the Solution to Reduce Traffic Congestion
Bundy Sunset Westbound
Cause of Fire
Filming Notice Homewood
Fire Scams
Power Outage
Update: Crime and Security
Weekend Update 2018.02.23