Brentwood - Brentwood Homeowners Association

Publish DateSubject
04/02/20Early Weekend Update
03/30/20What is a BOLO?
03/28/20Some Quick Notes
03/25/20Nothing About Covid19
03/23/20Keep Your Distance Please
03/21/20Bored Yet? How About A Movie?
03/20/20What To Do and What To Don't
03/14/20Copy of Filming Notice Bonhill
03/14/20Weekend Update
03/05/20Marathon and Corona
03/02/20Test Renew
02/29/20Filming Notice North Bundy
02/28/20Weekend Update Annual Meeting Edition
02/22/20The "D" Word
02/21/20Aggressive Real Estate Brokers
02/14/20Weekend Update
02/07/20Weekend Update
02/01/20Dear Neighbor...
01/24/20Weekend Update
01/18/20Weekend Update
01/13/20New Year Still Here
12/30/19Happy New Year
12/19/19Good News - Tagger Nabbed
12/19/19Holiday Update
12/17/19Taggers Last Night
12/16/19In This Together
12/16/19Safety and Security
12/14/19BHA Weekend Update
12/11/19BHA LAPD Toys For Kids
12/06/19BHA Weekend Update
11/29/19Thanksgiving Update
11/25/19Burglary Update
11/22/19Weekend Burglary Update
11/19/19Firefighter Appreciation at Kenter Canyon
11/15/19Weekend Update
11/08/19Weekend Update
11/01/19Weekend Update
10/30/19Access - Trash - Mail
10/26/19Weekend Update
10/11/19Weekend Update
10/05/19Weekend Update
09/27/19Weekend Update
09/20/19Weekend Update
09/13/19Weekend Update
09/06/19Weekend Update
08/30/19Weekend Update
08/26/19School's Back!
08/23/19Weekend Update
08/16/19BHA Weekend Update
08/09/19BHA Weekend Update
08/06/19Caught In The Act
08/02/19BHA Update 08.03.2019
07/12/19BHA Update 07.26.2019
07/05/19BHA Update 2019.07.05
07/03/19Safe and Sound
06/29/19BHA Update 2019.06.29
06/07/19BHA Update 2019.06.07
05/24/19BHA Update 2019.05.24
05/17/19BHA Update 2019.05.17
05/10/19BHA Update 2019.05.10
05/07/19Biden in LA Wed
05/04/19BHA Update 2019.05.04
04/27/19BHA Update 2019.04.27
04/20/19BHA Update 2019.04.20
04/12/19BHA Update 2019.04.12
04/05/19President In LA Friday
04/05/19Update President In LA Friday
03/29/19BHA Update 2019.03.29
03/22/19BHA Weekend Mar 22, 2019
03/15/19BHA Weekend Update March 15
03/11/19Tigertail Mountain Lion
03/08/19Weekend Update March 8
03/01/19Weekend Update 2019.03.01
02/28/19Barrington Park Meeting Tonight
02/27/19Burglary and Theft / LAPD Memo
02/22/19Traffic ALERT: Bowling Green Closed
02/15/19Weekend Update 2019.02.15
02/10/19San Vicente Closed Sunday Morning
02/02/19Flash Flood Warnings
02/01/19Weekend Update 2019.02.08
01/31/19LAPD Advisory on Burglaries
01/29/19Gridlock Nights
01/25/19Weekend Update 2019.01.25
01/19/19Weekend Update 2019.01.19
01/14/19Trash Cans In The Rain
01/11/19Weekend Update 2019.01.11
01/04/19Weekend Update 2019.01.04
12/28/18Happy New Year Update
12/22/183:15PM / EB Sunset Jammed
12/19/18Alert: Sunset - Gretna Green
12/18/18Alert: Sunset Water Main Broken
12/17/18Holiday Roadwork
12/14/18Weekend Update 2018.12.14
12/08/18Break In Suspect
11/30/18Weekend Update
11/28/18Holiday Package Safety
11/21/18Weekend Update Thanksgiving
11/16/18BHA Weekend Update
11/09/18Weekend Update Nov 09, 2018
11/09/18Weekend Update Nov 09, 2018
11/05/18Friday Arrest Update
11/05/18Friday Arrest Update
11/03/18Burglary Update Saturday
10/31/18Details on Hanley Burglary
10/31/18Details on Hanley Burglary, Pursuit, Arrest
10/30/18Burglary and Arrest Kenter Area
10/30/18Riviera Country Club
10/26/18Weekend Update 2018.10.26
10/22/18Sunset Blvd Westwood
10/21/18Crime Watch Alert LAPD
10/19/18Weekend Update 2018.10.19
10/16/18Fiber Optic Installation
10/12/18Weekend Update 2018.10.12
10/05/18Weekend Update 2018.10.05
09/28/18Weekend Update 2018.09.28
09/21/18Weekend Update 2018.09.21
09/14/18Weekend Update 2018.09.14
09/07/18Weekend Update 2018.09.07
08/24/18Weekend Update 2018.08.24
08/17/18Weekend Update 2018.08.18
08/11/18Crime * Construction * Katsuya
07/20/18Weekend Update 2018.07.20
07/14/18Weekend Update 2018.07.14
07/06/18Where Are Your Flashlights?!
06/29/18Weekend Update 2018.06.29
06/16/18Weekend Update 2018.06.16
06/16/18Weekend Update 2018.06.16
06/02/18Weekend Update 2018.06.01 (Part II)
06/01/18Weekend Update 2018.06.01
05/25/18Weekend Update 2018.05.25
05/21/18Homelessness in Brentwood
05/18/18Weekend Update 2018.05.18
05/11/18Weekend Update 2018.05.11
04/27/18Weekend Update 2018.04.27
04/20/18Neighbor(hood) Watch
04/14/18Weekend Update 2018.04.14
04/06/18Weekend Update 2018.04.06
03/30/18Weekend Update 2018.03.30
03/16/18San Vicente Sunday
03/09/18Weekend Update 2018.03.09
02/28/18You May Hear Helicopters
5:40pm Unusually Heavy Traffic
Be Part of the Solution to Reduce Traffic Congestion
Bundy Sunset Westbound
Cause of Fire
Federal and Wilshire Fire Contained
Filming Notice Homewood
Fire Scams
LAPD Bowling Green
LeBron Can't Make It
Power Outage
TONIGHT! President in LA
Update: Crime and Security
Weekend Update 2018.02.23